Whether you’re managing a team of workers, or are yourself a worker within a team, you want to know exactly how you can stay focused on the task in hand and keep others on the track towards personal success, and in turn overall company gain and success. If you want to get the most out of work and maximise your work life, then you need to be focusing your team, or finding ways to further engage yourself, whether that be from being careful to avoid taking on too many roles and actions that you can’t manage just yet, to ensuring that you stay hydrated and eat the right foods for keeping your energy levels steady. Motivating your team is going to entail keeping them happy and feeling appreciated and valued, allowing them their opinion in how effective they feel the work processes are functioning and having an environment that is conducive to working and producing the content expected of them.

Effective Management

The management team of any company should be engaged and committed to its increased prosperity and progression. Good management involves being sensitive to the needs of your team whilst also understanding the demands of your company. A manager that understands their team is better placed to utilise everyone’s unique skills and maximise everyone’s potential. By using task management tools, a manager can also delegate tasks effectively, meaning everyone gets a chance to shine. Consequently, this promotes better productivity and therefore greater success.

A good manager will also know what is economically feasible at any given time and how and when to invest. Investment in business takes skill and experience, and the opinions and advice of many investment-inclined individuals who know their craft back to front. If you and your company are considering future investment in any given field, and want to know how to go forward in managing the processes involved in strategic and methodical business planning, then you need to turn your focus on enlisting the help of professionals who have experience in the growth of companies. For example, Charles Walton offers advice on how best to achieve in the business and investment sphere. Professionals of such understand how a motivated and productive workforce is the foundation on which a successful business can grow, so looking after your staff is paramount in being able to potentially see exponential growth of the company.

A Place To Voice Complaint Or Concern

To keep workplace morale high and ticking over in a healthy manner, members of the team need to know there is a place where they can have any questions or concerns they might have answered, and their needs met. Consider having a box where staff can deposit more troublesome queries that they otherwise might feel uneasy about raising face to face with management. You could also consider having an open office hour between certain hours in the day, for example between 3-4 on a Friday afternoon; this shows that you care about the welfare of your employees and that you’re focused on ensuring that their happiness is being looked after. Consider regularly reviewing the progress of staff-influenced changes around the office, and informing them if you believe the changes made were helpful and running engagement practices such as group activities could see staff morale and productivity flourish.

Communicational Skills

As a manager, you need to be approachable and seen to be interested in what your staff has to say or query. There are thousands of management and communication courses to be found online, so it’s worth looking into finding one that will enable you to communicate more effectively if you believe your ability to require some polishing. You can look elsewhere and locally to you should you wish to attend some classes or training alongside individuals in other managerial roles. You should know the first names of the entirety of your team and get to know more about them, make an effort to communicate with them and help them feel valued for a boost in workplace morale and motivation.


Boost staff morale by employing the simple act of recognising good work. Publically recognise and congratulate achievement and consistent hard work and let your staff know that you appreciate what they’re doing. By highlighting good work, you’ll be setting an ideal standard, one that you wish to see repeated and worked towards in the future, and you’re far more likely to see this if you reward the efforts of those who did well to achieve. You can encourage your team or your workmates by voicing esteem for their actions and their content and even going as far as to reward them with a small cash incentive, for example.

Workplace Appearance

If you’re working within the confines of a small and cramped working space, then you’re not going to be able to complete your work to the best of your ability. Your surroundings have a significant effect on your ability to feel relaxed and clear-headed enough to work and produce content, and if you’re working for a creative company and your job is to have to create then you’re going to struggle to find both inspiration and motivation while in a stifling environment. To help solve this issue, think about transforming your place of work by improving office workspace, and enhancing the appearance and general atmosphere inside your working quarters. Pay attention to natural lighting and try to utilise the use of windows and light open spaces as often as possible all the while swiftly removing the oppressive fluorescent office bulb of yesteryear. Plants in the office will improve the air quality inside as they release oxygen and work to combat the potentially toxic components found in upholstery, furnishings and cleaning products so invite a whole host of plant and organic matter into the office space, and employ the services of two or three potted plants on your workstation.

Do Not Tolerate Discrimination

No matter how hardworking or well achieving a perpetrator of workplace bullying and intimidation is, they do not deserve a place in your business. Your company should not employ individuals who abuse their positional power in the workplace hierarchy. You need to give those who think they can undermine others their marching orders and show them the door. Workplace bullying cannot be tolerated in any circumstance, and the effects of such have the potential to lead to serious legal implications, so see that any individuals engaging in this behaviour are removed with immediate effect.





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