Job hunting is no longer about scouring the small ads, spending hours walking around your local area handing out CVs or hoping that one of your parent’s friends can sweet talk their manager into giving you a position at their company.

Nowadays, you’ve got technology on your side! And one of the best job-hunting tools at your disposal are job boards. The only problem is, that there are quite literally hundreds of them out there.

With niche sites here and generic job boards there – as well as forums, staffing companies and social media to boot – knowing where to begin can feel overwhelming. And that really isn’t what you need when you’re trying to kick-start a successful job search.

But fear not, because the experts at StandOut CV have put together a handy infographic to help you get started! They’ve carefully ranked the UK’s top 20 job sites, taking into consideration important factors such as the number of live roles, key features and the site’s overall usability.

Using the infographic below, you can decide which job site is right for you, taking into account which will offer you the most opportunities and visibility. That way you can get started on a time-efficient job hunt, secure your first interview and get hired. Happy job hunting!



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