You’ve sent an engaging CV and covering letter, enticed your prospective employers with a polite but lucid email exchange, and now the moment of truth has come.

It’s the big day. Time to attend your interview.

But you can’t just rock up to this important meeting wearing jeans and a t-shirt. We might be beyond the days when a full suit and tie was necessary in all workplace situations, but you’re still expected to dress to impress when you attend a job interview.

Your communication skills are most likely exemplary, but if you go to an interview dressed like a panhandler it’s unlikely you’ll bag the position.

If you’re female, the minefield of fashion is even greater. Men can simply show up in a casual suit, but for women the choices of what to wear are incredibly broad – and the line between casualwear and workwear is increasingly blurred.

To give you a helping hand, we’ve come up with a few ideal outfits that will impress – and won’t break the bank.

The power suit

If the interview you’re attending is for an executive position, then a power suit could be the ideal weapon to complement your killer conversation and business acumen.

In terms of suits for women, we’re long past the Robert Palmer look. A quick Google will help you find a great and cost effective combination. Failing that a trip to your local high street will be almost certain to get you a great power suit at an affordable price.


Dresses don’t have to be a no-no in an interview. Provided your dress is formal, as opposed to summery or clearly designed for a night out, there shouldn’t be a problem.

If you don’t have a formal looking dress and can’t afford to purchase a new one then fear not – layering is your friend.

A smart jacket or blazer will turn your casual dress into something more appropriate for an interview. Pair this with some formal shoes and you’ll look great.

On the second interview

If you’re lucky enough to be invited for a second interview, then swear by this maxim – dress formally on your first interview then dress like your prospective employer on your second.

By doing this you’ll send implicit signals that you fit into the company that you’ve applied for, improving your chances of nabbing the role of a lifetime.

Those are our tips. Can you think of any ideal outfits that you’d wear to a job interview? Then let us know in the comments below!



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