What is life coaching?

Life coaching is often misunderstood as a tool to help people with the achievement of their personal or professional goals. The common misconception surrounding life coaches is that they perform the same role as counsellors or career advisers.

In fact, life coaches serve a very distinct purpose, as they will set out to fulfil a very clear set of ambitions, as opposed to a counsellor, who will more often be required to get to the root of a series of problems. The infographic below created by Success Inspired explains more, but it’s worth summarising the main cornerstones how a life coach can work with, and benefit you:

  • A life coach can help you to clearly define your goals
  • They can help you formulate your skills and strengths to best achieve this goal.
  • Unlock the motivation for change.
  • Provide you with a sense of structure as you move forward.


The Benefits of Working with a Life Coach



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