You finally get a new job and you can’t wait to start. Unfortunately, when you enter your office, you notice that you can’t see anyone in your age group and all the employees there are older than you. You may feel that everyone continues to ignore you as they consider you an unworthy little kid but this is where you need to show that you are mature enough and become the most worthy team player and employee. Here are some ways to convince them that you are no less than the older colleagues:

  1. Learn The Roles

When you are in a professional environment, not a single person is going to hold your hand and guide you about work. You will need to learn how things work on your own, the sooner the better. The best way to do this would be to sit and observe the people that have been there longer than you and follow in their footsteps.

  1. Be Overly Reliable

One of your seniors is having trouble getting the work done; be the first one to offer help. Be annoyingly reliable if someone needs something; offer to assist before anyone even asks. This way, not only will you learn new things but you will also be considered as a mature, reliable and trust worthy person.

  1. Do Not Make Excuses

You are given a deadline to submit an assigned task; submit it before or on the day you were asked to do it. Donot delay the task and then come up with excuses as to why you didn’t do it. Nobody cares about the height of your desperation; they will only see an unfinished project and an irresponsible, amateur employee.

  1. Take An Extra Step

Do not hesitate to go an extra mile to get something done if you think it’ll make you look better and make your work more presentable. But remember to be smart as being over efficient doesn’t always get you points.

  1. Accept Your Mistakes

When you mess up or get in trouble, accept your mistake instead of pinning it on someone else. Remember that you must never hesitate in apologizing. The best way to show that you are sorry is to learn from your mistakes and never repeat them in the future.

  1. Exaggerate Your Qualities

Your boss has already seen your degrees and certificates. The trouble is that certain qualities cannot be taught in a classroom but you learn them from experience. If you’re a team player, have leadership qualities and good conversing skills, then you need to flaunt them as they won’t be displayed on your degrees and certificates.

  1. Avoid Asking Silly Questions

Prevent yourself from asking unrelated and stupid questions. If you are confused about certain tasks, try to look them up for yourself first. Sometimes the answers are only an internet search away. If you still can’t find a solution after exhausting your resources, only then consult your seniors.

  1. Appreciate Your Seniors

Always respect and appreciate your seniors. If they give advice, attentively listen and try to follow it instead of dismissing it simply because you think that they are too old. Older and experienced colleagues have dealt with more challenges in life and therefore, they know what they’re talking about.

  1. Communicate

It takes time to settle in a new workplace, especially when you have no previous working experience. Effective communication is the key to adjusting well amongst others.So, instead of avoiding all your aged colleagues because you feel out of place, talk to them and create your own place amongst them.

Always remember whatever you are facing isn’t all that bad. It takes time to get used to your surroundings and for people to welcome you open heartedly. Do your best; you’ll be surprised how quickly things will escalate. However, if you do find yourself at the end of bully and harassment at work you don’t have to sit back and quietly take it. If you can’t get it resolved through HR you can take it further by contacting employment solicitors to help you address the issues you’re facing.

Author Bio:

Alison is an author and a writer at Dissertation Cube. She loves to watch Game of Thrones and DC Television series. You can find her on Google+.



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