An effective teaching assistant (TA) in the classroom can be a catalyst to the learning of students. But getting the right mix of skills, qualifications and specialisms can be difficult, more so if you are unsure which qualifications and courses will work best.

The How to Become a Teaching Assistant Guide is the ideal starting as it tells you everything you need to know;

  • It sets out teaching assistant responsibilities and how these can change from one educational setting to another
  • It examines current pay and working hours, although these are subject to change and are dependent on individual schools and local authorities
  • It addresses the realities of being a TA, from the busy days to the hours worked
  • It also looks at the routes to becoming a qualified TA, including the many TA courses and qualifications that are on offer
  • TAs are increasingly used to work with students who have significant learning difficulties but, TAs also work with gifted and talented children, facilitating their learning so that they reach their potential too
  • It looks at essential TA skills, including soft skills such as being tactful and diplomatic, as well as specialist skills, such as managing behavioural difficulties within the classroom
  • The guide also talks about the various settings where TAs are considered and essential part of the process

It also looks at work experience as a TA in detail and gives you some great ideas about how to get started in this rewarding but sometimes challenging classroom role.

Do You want a Rewarding Career as a TA?

If you do, this guide is essential reading. It tells you everything you need to know and more. So why not sign up to a TA course today and start volunteering at your local school or college?



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