In the competitive job world of today, it has become almost impossible to find a job in a company that you like or even find a decent job anywhere at all. No matter how educated a person is, he still finds it difficult to make his ends meet by acquiring a job right after graduation. But, job fairs seems to be just the right platform for students or fresh graduates to avail a wonderful opportunity of meeting several recruiters under one roof.

Since meeting with the recruiters is a critical part of the job search process, career fairs offer job seekers a wonderful and a unique opportunity to make successful connections that seem impossible when submitting a resume. Below you will learn some useful tips that will help you get the most out of career or job fairs and to increase your chances of landing a great job:

  1. Pay Special Attention To Your Appearance

What you wear is really important when going at job fairs,as they include fairly large number of people giving you a wonderful chance to stand out by your well-chosen wardrobe. Not dressing up professionally simply leads you to a hurdle that is tough to overcome. Do not give anybody a chance to complain about your wrinkled tie, inappropriate jewellery or un-ironed shirt.


  1. Arrive Early At The Fair

Since the recruiters are fresh when the job fair starts, it is the best choice to reach early to attract the most attention. You should be ready to fill out applications for the employers and prepare to answer some short interview questions on the spot. You might also find the recruiters in a pleasant mood in early hours, as they would feel tired and exhausted meeting so many candidates by the end hours of the job fair.


  1. Complete Your Homework Before The Job Fair

Mostly, the information regarding having a booth at a job fair by several companies is made available to the participants with whom you are required to pre-register. Visit those recruiters first who are hiring people with your skill sets and always have several copies of your resume available. Always bring a pen or a highlighter to mark the places you need to visit first. Mark off the companies that you speak to so that you can remember to follow up after the event.


  1. Answer Questions About Yourself

The majority of the recruiters start the conversation by asking about you. Always be prepared to state a brief statement about yourself and why you are interested in the specific organization; they would never like you stumbling around on this. Since you do not have enough time to make an impression, therefore, be concise.


  1. Learn As Much As You Can About The Company

Always invest good amount of time to learn about the company and the opportunities it offers in advance. You will come across to the employer in a much better way if you know the types of positions they are looking to hire for. Simply search online, and review the list of the companies attending the job fair. You can even select only the top ten or top five companies if you do not have enough time to search every company.


  1. Follow-Up With The Recruiters

Soon after you meet the recruiters, make sure you follow up with them. Asking for the business cards and later sending thank you emails is a great way to attract the recruiters.

Job fairs are an excellent way to discover new companies and getting proper career advice. They even play an important role in building candidate’s confidence. It is no less than an adventure and surely a great way to maximize your involvement in career related events.

Author Bio:

Alisha is a consultant and a professional assignment writer. She also helps students who have passed their college in choosing the right field to start a good career after graduation. You can contact her on Facebook.




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