Are you stuck in a career standstill? Many of us are, but there are usually ways to progress up the career ladder and into more fulfilling and better-paid job roles. However, there are often limiting factors to our progression, and some of them are detailed below. Are any of them true to your situation?

#1: Your boss is blocking your attempts

If you keep getting passed over for promotion, then you need to do one of three things. The first is to speak to your employer. There may be good reasons why you haven’t been promoted yet, and they should be able to tell you why. If they offer you good advice, do what needs to be done to improve your chances next time. Secondly, and especially if you feel you are being discriminated against, speak to your human resources department. You have the right to take action against your boss if you feel he/she is holding you back without a good reason, as there are labour laws that need to be adhered to. Your final option is to quit your job and move into a company that will actively support you with your career progression. Speak to anybody you know working in your profession and ask them for advice and recommendations.

#2: Your behaviour at work

As we alluded to above, there may be reasons why you haven’t been promoted yet, and it could be down to your behaviour. If you turn up late for work on a regular basis, wear inappropriate and unprofessional dress, turn in poor work, and act irresponsibly around your colleagues, then you are never going to get promoted. You need to arrive to work in good time, wear the appropriate dress, do the best work that you possibly can, and act as a positive role model to your coworkers. Improve your behaviour, and you will improve your progression chances.

#3: You are not taking steps to help yourself

Putting the onus on you again, think about what you need to do to progress in your career. Are there people you need to network with, such as those high up in your company who could give you advice and guidance? Attend business meetings, make those phone calls, and knock on the appropriate office doors. Do you need to take extra qualifications to move into better positions? Some courses, such as this family dnp for those in the nursing profession, can be taken online, and your workplace might help you finance such courses if it benefits them as well as you. Do you need to research the opportunities within your career? Too many of us fail to progress because we don’t know what is available to us, so go online and research career ladders for your profession and then plan a course of action. By taking steps to help yourself, you will start to progress further.


Have we hit the proverbial nail on the head with regards to your career progression, or lack of it? If so, consider our advice and do what needs to be done if you are intent on climbing further in your profession. A better salary, new responsibilities, and perhaps a deeper sense of fulfilment awaits you if you do.




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