Life as a freelancer can be filled with stress and uncertainty if you are struggling to maintain a consistent flow of work. While landing more work as a freelancer is great, as your business grows, you might consider formalizing it as a legal entity. If you operate in the Golden State, understanding how to start an llc in California can give your freelance business a more professional footing, protect you legally, and may even enhance your opportunities to land more work.

There are a few tweaks and changes you can make to your job search approach to ensure that the gigs start rolling in faster than ever. Here are some tips.

Create a website

A lot of freelancers rely purely on word of mouth to get the work that they need. Why limit your opportunities in today’s world when it is possible to expand your reach so much further — often with limited spend and effort on your part? By simply creating a website, dedicating some time to perfecting your SEO, and perhaps spending a bit on paid advertising, you could find yourself generating more leads for your business than you can handle!

Just remember to hire a qualified web designer (now’s your chance to support other freelancers) to take care of the build on your behalf. While you can opt to use free online website builder tools to get the job done, the resultant websites rarely have the professional, aesthetic appeal necessary to foster trust and interest in potential clients.

Go above and beyond

While freelancers need to focus on generating new clients and leads, what is even more crucial is going above and beyond for the clients that you already have. In doing so, you practically guarantee that they will call on you again if any new work comes up in the future.

So, offer them that discount, put in an additional hour or two to include some extras without charging for them, and exude a positive, friendly attitude all round. Even if they do not have any need for your services again any time soon, you can be certain that they will recommend you to their contacts which, in itself, is a rather profitable reward.

Join freelancer platforms and job boards

There are several high-quality platforms and job boards solely dedicated to assisting freelancers in landing new gigs. UK freelancer platform, Techlancer, is an excellent example. This specific freelancer platform is a go-to resource for web designers, copywriters, and SEO specialists. However, there are plenty of platforms out there for a broad array of other experts. You will find ones for freelance marketers, bookkeepers, virtual assistants, photographers, and more.

Build and use your contacts

Do not view other freelancers as your competition, even if they specialise in the same area as you. Instead, view them as your community and do what you can to offer support, and you will likely get it back in abundance. Build a rapport, share insider tips and information, ask them for help to pick up the slack if ever you are lucky enough to be overloaded with work, etc. In doing so, you will find that they will quickly return the favour and it could lead to a greater amount of leads, opportunities, and money in the bank!

Along with nurturing relationships and networking with other freelancers, you need to focus on building up a network of other helpful contacts. Keep in touch with the professionals whom you met onsite when you were completing a job and check in with them regularly to find out how they are doing. When they move to a new company or perhaps start up a business of their own, it will be your name that pops into mind first when they require the specific services that you provide.

Finally, do not forget to let your old school and university friends know what you are getting up to in your professional life these days. You might be surprised at how many of them will have work for you over the years.

Know where to find your clients

Where are your potential clients spending most of their time? Networking events? Certain social media platforms? Industry-specific forums? If you know where to find them, you can make sure that you spend a good portion of your time there, too. Just be careful about coming across as too sales-y and focus instead on being helpful, such as offering some free advice or simply chatting to them about potential solutions to their problems.

Being a freelancer in a competitive industry need not be the challenge that you expect if you know how to build and nurture your client base. Put the aforementioned tips into practice and you will be ever closer to making a success of the freelancer lifestyle now and for many more years to come.



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