At work, you’ll communicate more via the written word than any other method. It can be a lot more convenient and easier for you, but it does have its downsides. You can and will be judged by how you write. Here’s 8 ways you can improve your business writing skills, and get ahead at work.

  1. Work out your objective: Before you write anything, you need to know why you’re writing it. What do you need to get across to the reader? If you have this nailed down first, your message is going to be a lot more effective, and to the point.
  2. Put your most important point first: If you’ve worked out what your objective is, then you’ll need to make sure that you put it front and centre in your message. Your goal is to ensure that the most important point of your message is in the first sentence of your message. That way, the reader knows what you’re trying to say right away.
  3. Remove the jargon: There will be some cases where you can’t avoid some amount of jargon. Wherever you can, though, take it out. Jargon only has meaning to a small amount of people, and it makes your writing more difficult to comprehend. Most of the time, it’s just unnecessary. Go through your messages and remove them whenever you can.
  4. Simplify your language: Many people try to use more grandiose vocabulary when at work, as they think it makes them look better. In fact, it can actually make you seen rather ridiculous. It’s much better to use simpler language, as it gets your point across quicker and without hassle.
  5. Use online resources: If you’re serious about improving your writing, then it’s a good idea to start using online resources to help you. Here are a few you should consider using:
  • Via Writing: This grammar resource can help you improve your grammar with their easy to use guides.
  • Easy Word Count: Check the length of your messages with this tool.
  • State Of Writing: This site is full of writing guides that you can use to improve your writing.
  • Markdown Here: This tool can help you format your emails with ease.
  • Huffington Post: Read this article to check on where to find writing assistance.
  • Cite It In: Use this tool to get the right citation for any source you use in your writing.
  1. Ask someone to read your writing: It’s hard to see what needs changing in your own writing, as you’re so close to it. Ask a trusted colleague to check it for you, and see what they have to say. They can help you make improvements you hadn’t thought of.
  2. Break down the task: Many people find themselves opening a new document and just staring at it, as they don’t know where to start. The best thing to do is to break the task down into smaller tasks, so you have a framework to work with.
  3. Proofread and edit: You should always proofread and edit everything you write. If you do this, you’ll stop mistakes slipping through that make you look unprofessional.

These 8 tips will help you get the most out of your business writing, and give the right impression. Give them a try and you’ll see the improvement right away.

Author bio:

Mary Walton is a CV proofreader at UK CV Service. She loves writing, that’s why she started her blog, Simple Grad a couple of years ago (check her blog post – Review).



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