Whichever field you choose for your career, and whatever job you take up, writing would be involved in one form or the other. You may be a doctor, a marketing professional, a professor, an IT person, or an accountant you will have some kind of writing to do. You may have to write emails, reports, letters, or some kind of memos, and if your writing is full of typos and grammatical errors, you may give a wrong impression to the recipient of the document. Instantly people judge you to be ignorant and irresponsible. To avoid this proofreading is important. With proofreading, you will be able to correct your mistakes like failing to capitalize where it is necessary or eradicate typos.

There lies a difference in homophones like your and you’re or except and accept or effect and affect or their, there, and they’re. If you are unaware of the aforementioned mistakes or appropriate punctuation’s, you will never be able to achieve a flawless letter or memo. Hence making yourself aware of your writing mistakes and honing your writing skills is extremely important. Click here for an infographic from Walkerstone.com that lists some of the most common writing errors that people commit. You can go through it to check if you are making any of these mistakes and it also explains and gives solutions which can help you understand the difference better.

Common writing errors infographic



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