According to Forbes, 71% of the US employees said, “I hate my job.” Approximately the same amount added, “I hate my boss.” It means that more people voluntarily quit job than they did before. It might be a piece of good news for the labor market. On the other side, the fact that most employees are not engaged points to the lack of motivation and other factors that represent American citizens as the poor workers. A good career development center may be the solution, but it is also important to try some other things that can inspire you or at least reduce your irritation.

If your stomach is in knots every Sunday night, most probably this article is for you. It includes 7 helpful things you should do if you really hate your job.

What to Do When You Hate Your Job: 7 Smart Prompts

1.     Speak to Your Boss and Colleagues

Spend some time on listing the things that inspire you. Take a separate sheet of paper and mention the things that would motivate you to work better:

  • Higher salary
  • New position
  • Social benefits
  • Another team
  • New project
  • Free training

It is just an example of things you may lack. Harvard Business Review provides a more detailed list with the reasonable explanations. Perhaps, you can detect ‘the source of all evil’ thanks to this survey.

Once you’re done, make an appointment with your boss. Every boss or CEO should respect your desires. After all, if you are still part of the organization, you are a valuable worker.

2.     Critically Evaluate Yourself

Stop shouting out loud something like, “I hate my boss!” Perhaps, you are the one guilty for your dissatisfaction and bad mood. You may have just another dark time in your life. If the cause is somehow related to your personal life, try to focus on your career and let the time ease your pain.

Another problem might be the lack or absence of the required skills. For instance, your writing skills are perfect, but you find it hard to express your ideas orally. Besides, you have a stage fright. People are losing your brilliant ideas because of that! Examine something like Toastmasters to develop your public speaking. In case you still miss your degree, do not skip your classes to get it finally!

3.     Draw Yourself

Are you the one thinking, “My job is making me depressed but I can’t quit”? To understand why, try the next prompt.

Even if you’re not Picasso, attempt to reflect yourself on a piece of paper. Visualization assists in solving many life problems. Think about whether you are a riverbank without any way to transfer to the other side or a young boy lost in a jungle? Try to understand whether you are trying to escape without a good reason or making an attempt to resist a serious obstacle, but it always fails.

If you get the point, then start visualizing a possible change in the situation so that the existing obstacle disappears. For instance, you can build a bridge to get to the other side.

4.     Reward Yourself

While your boss decides whether you deserve an extra payment, just do your job and get something you like every day as a special award for surviving another working hour. It could be a candy or a soft toy. You should have a strong will not to buy things before the working day ends. This way, you are putting a challenge for yourself.

5.     Use Social Networks to Find out How to Like Your Job

Experts from your field may share some secrets of their success. When you hate your job, sign up with the sources like LinkedIn or Plaxo. While Facebook and Twitter are more for fun, you should focus more on professional social networks. Search for the upcoming professional events, training, and networking groups to start visiting them. It will help to find the support you need!

6.     Try Something Else

You are not your job, so you are not supposed to serve the same company for ages. It is not a doddle to switch to another working field. First of all, you should attend specific courses and events to get ready! You may also imitate another job by doing some related tasks at least 30 minutes every day. Examine different areas to find your true calling!

7.     Come Up With New Resume/CV

Right, maybe it’s about time to quit a job you hate. Have you tried everything mentioned above? In case nothing helped, it is better to prepare a brand new resume or turn to the professional resume writers. It does not matter how you plan to do it, but your new resume should be twice as persuasive as the old one. You have something more to add now. A good cover letter is a guarantee a target recruiter will read your resume as well. It is important to grab the reader’s attention from the first line.

You can bide your time and do nothing just to find yourself both physically and mentally broken one day. You may join those who leave jobs massively. Finally, you can stop for a minute and try to detect the source of your problem. Perhaps, your current position is not that ad, and all you need is just to speak out loud and start acting!

Author Bio:

Alice Berg is a blogger from Bath, UK, who received a degree in Social Work and Applied Social Studies. Now she helps people to find their own way in life, gives career advice and guidance, helps young people to prepare for their careers. You can find Alice on Twitter and Facebook.




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