In the contemporary world, everybody wants to have a challenging job, world-changing opportunities and impressive takeaways and to claim it all; many aspirants opt to do MBA.

MBA happens to be one of the most dynamic educational courses because it changes the way a person approaches things in life. The course teaches individuals to follow and trust only Data; any business decision that is made under the emotional influence will cost millions but a data-driven decision will change the fortune of the company.

MBA degrees are seen as a tool to do gain world changing capabilities. Also, enterprises from around the world are ready to reward them with handsome salary packages, grandeur lifestyle and opportunities that help them and the company as well to grow together.

Let’s traverse through a wisely curated list of companies that offer highest paying jobs for MBA graduates. If you a fresher than pay attention, you may end up working for these:

1. Google: Google owns the real Internet, will more than 70% of searches made on Internet coming on its servers, Google enjoys the position of being a world leader and thought leader. Google offers an exclusive range of marketing, designing, development and blogging tools that helps a lot of businesses and individuals webmasters make the most of every opportunity; what looks so easy on the outside is extremely difficult and depressing on the other end but everything is compensated with a good salary package.

Average Salary: 90,000

2.  Mckinsey & Company: World’s one of the most renowned management consulting firm surely has some good perks to offer. MBAs from across the world, crave for a position at this firm because they are simply the best, but are the salary equally best? Let’s have a look.

Average Salary: 98,000

3. A.T. Kearney: A global firm, founded in America provides small scale, large scale, public and private businesses with consulting services. With offices in 40 countries, A.T. Kearney is one of the most sought consulting firms when it is strategic or operational CEO-agenda in businesses and government. This reputed multinational company offers MBAs with a handsome salary package.

Average Salary: 83,878

4. Strategy& PriceWater Cooper recently acquired it; Strategy& was founded in the United States of America in 1914 and since then it has promisingly provided enterprises with consulting services. After acquisition by PriceWater Cooper, Strategy&’s reputation did hit a setback but things are now getting on track for the enterprise.

Average Salary: 65,000

5. VMware: A subsidiary of Dell, which happens to be a Computer Giant. VMware specializes in cloud and virtual software category. With people creating a greater space, engineers have deciphered the amount of space that will be required in the coming times hence they have started being dependent upon the cloud for the same. VMware is changing the world one bit at a time. With VMware doing so much for the world, the people behind this brand are rewarded really well.

Average Salary: 88,000

6. Juniper Networks: Headquartered in Sunnyvale, Juniper Networks is an American multinational company that specializes in designing networking based products. The company not only designs but also markets networking based products. Juniper Networks was able to leave a lasting impact because one of its kind when it was founded. The company continues to enjoy an exclusive partnership with a lot of enterprises.

Average Salary: 87,000

7. Amazon Lab126: Owned by the e-commerce giant Amazon, this part looks into the development of Kindles. It is the firm that has developed the requisite framework that lets millions of people from around the world, read books in electronic format and it has also enabled another thousand of writers to publish their books digitally.

Average Salary: 93,000

While these are the top seven companies with the highest salary for MBA graduates, there are lot more, which provide equally competitive salary packages and offers. Salary provided by these enterprises are good enough to inspire fresher’s to work harder and make the most of every opportunity in life.

Author Bio: Cara Smith is an online marketing expert working with an Online STD Testing portal She is passionate about writing and loves to contribute an article on different websites. You can follow her on Twitter.



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