The world of employment is extremely competitive and what can set you apart from the rest of the crowd is a CV that screams “I am the right person for your role!”. Of course, to be successful when competing against other applicants, you will need to ensure that your CV delivers on every level. Getting it right is not as difficult as it may seem as this This infographic from StandOut CV proves.

All it takes is a few simple tweaks, simplifying the layout and information it contains as well as ensuring it is tailored to your target roles. Employers love an applicant who gives them what they want because if they can do that on paper, then there is every chance they can do it in the workplace.

Do not make life difficult for yourself by making your CV generic, bland and just like every other CV. Make yourself stand out, look unique but more importantly sell yourself and your skills. When you get this right, you will see a much higher success rate in your applications.


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