Many HR professionals will have a bag of tools that helps them get through the day and helps those in the business perform better at their jobs. They can vary from time management to development tools which can greatly aid the day to day performance of the team and business.

So what are the best tools that help improve efficiency? Here are some of the chosen ones that HR professionals love to use.

  1. CIPHR

A first class HR software tool that helps organisations ‘unlock the value of their people’. CIPHR is an easy to  implement tool that focuses on providing innovative HR solutions, greater connectivity between data and employees, a focus on productivity and setting the benchmark for sustainable success.

CIPHR’s success has come from their focus on their customers, allowing them to use the best tools for their business, regardless of if these tools are from third party suppliers or part of the CIPHR suite.

Known for their people focused approach, CIPHR brings years of expertise to the table to advise and deliver an HR system that works best for their customers.

  1. Bonusly

From the moment your employees join to the second they walk into the office and log on, Bonusly is a tool that can help integrate people into the team from day one – having a huge impact on the morale and onboarding process every employee goes through as well as developing a strong corporate culture.

Bonusly helps to recognise how well an employee is doing, creating a culture of recognition, appreciation, and a place where people are rewarded for their achievements.

Recognised around the world as a useful tool, Bonusly uses reward points that employees can then exchange for real world gifts, cash, or gift cards.

  1. Zenefits 

What sounds like some sort of Zen based mental health application is actually a powerful workforce management tool that can help companies, HR teams and staff easily manage the whole HR process.

From submitting receipts to payroll, communicating across the whole organisational structure to performance tracking, Zenefits is really dedicated to keeping everything an employee and team need within one app. Knowing when someone is on holiday or if the work has been completed, everything is clear and easy to use in a mobile application that makes life easier.


If there was one personal productivity app that has entered the cultural zeitgeist then would be it. Nearly every HR manager has heard of it and even uses the application today giving training to many new employees and those who have been through different applications that do the same thing just… not as well.

It’s the meta application that you never knew you needed. The app is a unified task list with a single view into all of your existing tasks from more than 40 services, including Gmail, Basecamp, Trello, Evernote and many, many more.

You can see what your team is working on, put all of your workflow into one location so that you can communicate in real time with your team and you can even build dashboards to get a bigger picture of the tasks being completed.

  1. VIVA HR

Recruitment can be a time consuming process, having to write job descriptions and then posting them in different locations can be a gruelling process. But with VIVA HR, that’s all different.

You can post job openings to a vast range of job boards, share openings on social media channels, and easily collaborate with your teammates throughout the hiring process.

  1. IntelliHR

intelliHR is a continuous performance management and analytics platform built for organizations to centralize performance management, employee engagement, and people data analytics. The software is designed to align, manage and enable a people and culture strategy to encourage engagement and performance.

One of the most convenient aspects about this software is that it automates performance review cycles, cascade business goals, and drives sustainable performance. Because everything is stored in a centralised location, each member’s profile won’t be lost or forgotten in the next review so that manager’s have a clear picture of how well someone is and isn’t doing and how they can help improve.

     7. Glint 

Do you want to capture real time engagement from your team? Do you want to get a better understanding of who is engaged in their work and who isn’t? Well, Glint can do that for you. Glint captures real time engagement data through mobile-enabled micro surveys called “Pulses.”

Not sure what you want to ask? Don’t worry, Glint does it all for you and it helps you create surveys based on 18 proven drivers of engagement.



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