Without using the right tools, running a marketing agency can be a total nightmare.

It’ll take you hours to create graphics when it should only take you minutes.

You’ll get lost logging in to various client social media profiles just to manage their accounts.

And you’ll have missing or unaccounted documents—important ones, at that!

Invest in using the right tools to streamline your marketing agency’s operations.

To improve your operations, we share six reliable tools that marketing agencies use.

1. Vista Social

If you’re looking for a one-stop-shop Social Media Marketing (SMM) management platform, then look no further.

Vista Social is the go-to platform that agencies and brands use to streamline their social media marketing efforts. The platform is sophisticated, packed with features, and very easy to use.It’s also more affordable despite offering more features than most SMM platforms.

With Vista Social, you can:

  • Schedule your post to publish automatically on your set time and date, add posts to a queue, and do bulk scheduling. 

The Smart Publishing feature allows the platform to search and publish content for you based on your selected category and keywords for content you want to include or exclude.  

  • Manage messages across social media platforms through the Inbox feature. You can perform actions such as replying to, liking, and tagging messages, including sending direct messages to senders from one location. 
  • Monitor your own network through the listening tool. You’ll get alerts if someone within your network mentions your brand or if you get a direct message so you don’t opportunities to engage and connect with your followers. 
  • Run reports immediately for specific profiles and download them as a PDF. You can also schedule reports weekly or monthly and send them automatically to designated users. 

Vista Social integrates with several platforms. It’s the perfect IG tool since it integrates with Instagram. You can also connect your Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, Reddit, and TrustPilot accounts, etc.

2. Canva

Photo and video editing software Canva can integrate with a lot of top content management tools

The integration can streamline your web content creation and design since you won’t need to keep switching between platforms to design and publish your web content. 

Canva is accessible online through their site. It provides thousands of modifiable templates that anyone without a graphic design background can easily use for free.

While some templates and images are locked for premium (paying) users, Canva’s free options are diverse and expansive. 

You can design anything, from email newsletters and infographics to social media content such as your Facebook cover and Instagram live event promotions.  

Canva offers a user-friendly interface, and you can customize, add, or remove font sizes, background pictures, filters, animations, and other graphic design elements. 

Use Canva to make your social media posts more attractive and easier to consume, increasing your engagement and conversion opportunities. 

3. Grammarly

One of the often overlooked steps to social media success is ensuring mistake-free writing in your posts, which Grammarly can help you address easily. 

Grammarly is a proofreading and document-editing software. Its features help ensure your posts are concise, grammatically correct, and well-written. 

The tool offers a free plug-in compatible with most word processing programs, such as Google Docs and Microsoft Word. 

When you download Grammarly, you can immediately use it for multiple platforms instead of adding it to every word processing program you use.

Grammarly helps you ensure your content best fits your intended readers by letting you specify your target audience and tone. It also suggests alternatives for out-of-place and inappropriate words.

The tool’s anti-plagiarism feature is handy for keeping your web and social media content unique and avoiding infringing on other creators’ work unintentionally. 

You can use the feature to check your content and ensure it doesn’t contain exact copies of content already published online. 

Additionally, if you work primarily in another language such as German, be sure to check out the Grammarly German alternatives available to ensure your content is excellent in any language you require.

4. Trello

If you want to eliminate confusion over whether you’ve already posted certain content to your social media channels, Trello is a must-have.

Often cited as one of the top project management tools, Trello is essential to improving your productivity. 

The tool is a “behind the scenes” program that helps your team members track what they’ve done and what they still need to do, saving everyone time and resources. 

It’s an excellent tool to manage all your marketing projects on top of your social media marketing tasks, all from one location.  

Trello also offers other cool and handy features.

The tool has an easy-to-learn and customizable interface that does not get complicated even if you add lots of links and attachments.

The movable card system is easy on the eyes and even satisfying as you watch cards get transferred to another row or deleted with each accomplished task.

Trello can also integrate seamlessly with other productivity apps and software, such as Google Suite, Microsoft Office, and Dropbox. 

5. Dropbox

An arguably more secure alternative to Google Drive, Dropbox is a storage app compatible with both Android and iOS devices. 

It also has a web app version that offers the same features and functionalities as the mobile version. While there are multiple yearly paid plans, you can use Dropbox for free with limited storage.

Dropbox has a neat interface that makes organizing your social media content and materials into folders incredibly easy. It also allows multiple Dropbox users to collaborate remotely and share files through links. 

The app has stricter privacy settings than Google Drive and has security controls to help prevent viruses that can corrupt shared content, such as the articles you purchase online

Dropbox also includes backup and file recovery features to help you retrieve missing or accidentally deleted information.

The tool is handy especially if you post regular PUBMATS and promotional material and want to save them for archiving.


If This Then That (IFTTT)  is an online marketing tool that operates on the belief that “Everything works best together.” 

The tool is used as a bridge or binding factor for incompatible tech systems, such as those working solely on either Android or iOS. Its integration system can benefits users living in smart homes or performing multiple duties in a company. 

IFTTT is composed of mini-apps called Applets that cross-reference information (such as weather reports, stock exchange, dollar rates, time, and the news) from various apps and websites and combine them. You can generate reliable information from multiple sources in one click. 

IFTTT helps your social media marketing team do multiple tasks simultaneously. For instance, using the system makes verifying information from several sources before posting anything to your social channels easier.

This way, you can streamline posting and sharing reliable content with your followers. It can help establish your brand’s credibility and, in turn, boost your engagement and conversions ultimately. 

IFTTT has an extensive list of partner companies, including smart homes apps, blogging platforms, and communication apps such as Zoom, Slack, and Telegram. 

Leverage the best tools for your social media marketing 

You can have all the social media marketing tools in the world, but if you don’t know how to use or make the most of them, you’re not likely to get your desired results and revenue. 

Start by knowing your business’s needs and whether your current and potential social media marketing tools and apps can help you address those requirements and reach those goals. 




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