The teaching job market is tough. That’s why you need a CV that immediately grabs the interest of school staff and recruitment agents. There are a few skills that must be present on your CV.

Health and safety is always going to be a top priority for school staff. That’s why you need to show experience with safeguarding and welfare, demonstrating that you’ll always focus on the wellbeing of the students. You need to show a solid knowledge of the curriculum too that is appropriate for the ages and subjects you’re keen to teach. Teachers need to know how to plan so strong evidence of this ability will make you look like a great candidate. That also means you need to know how to manage the classroom and keep children on task. Don’t forget, academic achievement is important to school staff and parents so do show you are able to assess and mark progress with examples. Last but not least parents will want to interact with you as their child’s teacher. You’ll need to show you can build up parent relationships by letting them know you care about their child’s performance. This great infographic from StandOut CV shows you everything you need to know about skills for your teaching CV.

Teacher CV



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