The web has made finding job vacancies an easier process. However, few people realise that there’s more to jobhunting online than searching on Indeed. By using the web to its full potential, you could increase your chances of finding that dream job. Here are five ways to find a job online.

Search job listing sites

There are hundreds of job listing sites out there to choose from. The big ones like Reed and Indeed are the sites that most people go to, however there are also many niche job listing sites where you may find other vacancies. There are also local job listing sites such as Alexander Daniels. Be wary of signing up to paid job listing sites – some of these claim to have advertised jobs that you won’t find elsewhere, but this isn’t always the case and you could end up spending unnecessary money.

Sign up to online recruitment agencies

Online recruitment agencies won’t just list jobs, they’ll help you to become more employable by giving advice. This could include CV writing advice or a review of your LinkedIn profile. Some recruitment company websites may even contact employers for you by mass mailing out your CV and getting them to contact you. You should note that many of these agencies require you to pay to sign up, so make sure that you trust these companies.

Use social media

Social media is also becoming a valuable recruitment and job seeking tool. You’ll find plenty of employers leaving ads on Facebook in local community groups and on their company pages. You may also be able to advertise the fact that you’re looking for a job in a community page and see who replies. LinkedIn is one of the most popular social media sites used by employers. In fact, there are head-hunters paid to scout LinkedIn and find suitable employees for companies. Make sure that you’ve got a LinkedIn profile, otherwise you could be missing out on this opportunity for recruitment.

Advertise your skills on freelance sites

The likes of Fiverr and Gumtree allow you to advertise skills that you’re willing to offer for money. Whilst these are mainly used on a freelance basis, many employers will trawl these sites looking for people to hire. By showing that you’re willing to freelance, it shows a lot of confidence and initiative to potential employers.

Email companies directly

Often it can be beneficial to email companies directly, even if they’re not advertising vacancies. If they’re impressed by your CV, they may try and find you a space at their company, or they may be able to make you aware of when they’re potentially hiring. Directly contacting employers by email can also show resourcefulness and may make you more memorable initially than other applicants. Many companies display an email address on their website, whilst others may have submission forms to prevent spam.



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