Getting an interview is an achievement in itself as many jobs online and especially graduate roles attract hundreds of applications.

However, how do you make yourself stand out among many, equally qualified candidates?

Here are some tips to help you land that job:

  1. Find out what type of interview you’ll have

Employers are often using telephone or Skype interviews at the early stage of the process to check candidates who meet the basic requirements of the job.

Many employers use panel interviews where you’ll meet with a few people – various department managers and HR Manager.

Most organisations will use competency based interviews, where they will ask you for examples of problem-solving, working in a team or taking initiative.

  1. Do your research

Most candidates will of course check the employer’s website, but go one step further in your company’s research to really impress. Go there having some information they don’t expect you to have. Check out for most recent news on the company on Google News, read their recent press releases or find out what the customers say about working with them.

  1. Prepare for the interview

Firstly, you need to get very clear about what unique skills you can bring to the role. Think about your work experience, internships, and skills you’ve developed at university and how they can help you be successful in a job you’re applying for.

You also want to show knowledge of the employer you’re interviewing with and passion and enthusiasm for the role.

It is important that you list your achievements (ideally something that’s saved time or money) and make notes of what you’ve learned and how you’ve contributed in those different situations.

Prepare some questions to ask at the end as well and try to get some interview practice if you can.

Finally, make sure you know the dress code, how long it’d take you to get to the interview, and print out your CV to take with you.

  1. Learn from the experience

Spend some time after your interview thinking about your performance. Make some notes on questions asked or questions you’ve struggled with as this will help you prepare for your next interview with other graduate employers.

If you’ve been unsuccessful, try to get feedback as this could be invaluable. However, don’t be too disappointed if it is very general – due to the volume of applications, many employers don’t have the resources to provide personalised feedback to all the candidates.

Good luck!




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