Most people spend a lot of time in and around vehicles. We use them for commuting, and we often spend many minutes staring at other vehicles while sitting in stationary traffic. If your business has a fleet of vehicles, or even just one or two, it makes sense to use them for brand building.

Vehicle wraps, logos, and graphics are powerful tools. Parking your van or car exposes passers-by to the company’s brand. People may not actively stop and read the logo or graphic, but they have subconsciously acknowledged it.

Vehicle wraps are also a lot cheaper per impression than many other forms of advertising. For a business hoping to attract more local clients, vehicle branding makes a lot of sense. You can look at vans for sale Bolton from Vanstop then add wraps to ensure everyone knows the vans belong to your company.

For vehicle wraps to be successful, they need to be done right.

Keep It Simple

Don’t try and add too much information to your vehicle. The main aim of vehicle branding is to make your brand recognisable in the local area. A logo, company name, and contact details are enough. These all need to be clear and concise. The easier you make it for people to digest this information in a few seconds, the more likely they are to remember your brand.

Brand All Sides of the Vehicle

In stationary traffic, people typically end up staring at the back of a van, but when a van is parked on the side of the road, the off-side is more visible. Add branding to all sides of the vehicle, so it can be seen from any angle. This maximises branding visibility.

Use Clear Fonts

Steer clear of complicated, overly decorative fonts. You want people to be able to read your logo and contact details from a reasonable distance. Simple fonts work best, but if your brand currently uses a more decorative one, make sure it stands out against a contrasting background.

Use Professional Imagery

Don’t ruin your branding opportunity with poor-quality images and DIY logos. If you don’t already have a strong brand logo, pay a graphic designer to create one for the business. Product photography can be added, so the end result is eye-catching, but again, this too must be professionally done, or it will create the wrong image.

Keep it Appropriate

Make sure you send the right message with vehicle branding. If your business is a serious one, such as a funeral director, it would be inappropriate to use fun, cartoon imagery on the side of your vehicles. Branding imagery doesn’t need to be boring, but it shouldn’t stand out for the wrong reasons.

Vehicle Wraps Vs Vinyl Stickers

Vehicle wraps cover the entire vehicle and last longer. Vinyl decals are quick to produce and are usually added to one specific area, such as a rear cargo door. If your budget is low, try a vinyl decal rather than a full vehicle wrap.





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