Job security and industry stability have never been more desirable and less easy to guarantee, especially in an age when increased automation is creating uncertainty.

Thankfully there are still some careers that are not just thriving at the moment, but hold great prospects for the future too. Here is a look at just five of the top professions to take up if you want a rugged and reliable source of income.


Part of the reason that engineering is such a durable career path is that it is so varied. Whether you work as a civil engineer and oversee the development of amazing construction projects, or as a mechanical engineer and play a role in designing and developing the next generation of products, there are all sorts of areas to work in.

Furthermore every country in the world needs engineers, so it is a job that you can travel with if you find that there are not enough opportunities in your current location.


Every business needs to balance its books, and so as long as there are organisations making money and paying taxes, accountants will be essential.

Of course becoming a qualified, accredited accountant takes years of education and training, so being aware of things like the CPA exam requirements before you dive in will give you an idea of the timescales involved and the challenges you will need to overcome.


Just like accountancy, the legal profession has been around for millennia and will still be relevant for as long as human society stands strong.

With the help of the best LSAT prep programs and a good dose of interview coaching, it is possible to vault the first hurdle standing between you and a lucrative career as a lawyer. Once you start work, you can also expect to earn an impressive starting salary, with lots of opportunity for bonuses and advancement as your career progresses.


Educating the next generation is rewarding on an emotional level and while it may not match being a lawyer or an accountant from an earnings perspective, becoming a teacher will definitely give you excellent job stability and plenty of options in terms of where and how you work.

For some, teaching is a passion and they get the most out of the job by spending time in the classroom to provide guidance and stewardship to the kids. For others, teaching is an opportunity to get into the management side of education, and there is also plenty of room for rapid advancement in this field, if you have the right skills and are suitably ambitious.

Perhaps most importantly of all, teachers are less vulnerable to the aforementioned rise of automation than almost any other professionals, including lawyers and accountants. The need for direct supervision by a human education professional in a classroom setting is unassailable, so no matter how far technology advances, teachers will still have a role to play.

Software Developers

No career has enjoyed as much growth in the past half century as that of the software developer. Today the market is as varied and vibrant as ever, with opportunities in everything mobile app development and game development to cybersecurity, cloud computing and big data.

Software developers of course require a lot of specialist education and training, and this market is evolving quickly all the time, meaning you will need to be willing to keep adding to your skill set and learning new things over the course of your career. If this sounds like it will be in your wheelhouse, then competitive pay and great perks await you.

Of course you need to find a career that suits your skills, interests and broader needs, so job stability should be just one of the factors you consider when planning your future.




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