Technology makes it perfectly possible for many of us to make a living from any location.

And if you’ve no home commitments the life of a digital nomad can be extremely tempting.

But prior planning prevents a sun-kissed career turning sour – so scan these five survival tips as you prep your backpack.

Plan ahead

If there’s reliable WiFi where you’re headed and you’ve got a great network of contacts you’ll always make money on the move.

But be sure to have set-up savings for your new locale and a few long-term contracts to provide some security.

Depending on your nationality and your destination you might need a visa. A six month tourist trip to most countries is visa-free but working legally often requires paying for a permit.

Honesty is the best policy — working from a laptop might be low-risk, but if authorities catch you without prescribed paperwork you can find yourself on a one-way flight home.

Pack the right kit

A reliable laptop and decent phone are prerequisites, so if you need to upgrade do it now.

And be sure to buy plug adaptors because voltages can vary wildly. If your tech burns out you’ll have to rely on a message in a bottle.

Take a dumb phone for everyday use too — you’re a less likely target for covetous criminals playing Snake on an old banger than flashing a fancy iPhone.

If you are a vociferous user of the pirate bay, you would want your laptop to keep pace with all the downloading needs and requirements. Make sure that your have enough RAM and processing power for all those 1080P resolution videos.

Stay safe

Sort out travel and health insurance well in advance of your departure and ensure you’re covered for the duration. You might need inoculations too — check this out with your doctor without delay.

Don’t let tabloid headlines put you off travelling to developing countries but try to avoid conflict zones.

Get in touch with your government’s consulate at your destination now — their expert advice on safe accommodation and street smarts is invaluable.

And if things get tricky they’ll provide protection — your passport is more powerful than you realise.

Get paid

This one’s a no-brainer.

But don’t be naïve when it comes to getting paid. Rely on recommendations from trusted contacts and don’t do too much work without receiving agreed payments.

Smart firms use global payroll solutions to keep clients happy, but unfortunately not every firm is so scrupulous.

Online banking simplifies your finances but you should still consider opening a local account to avoid hefty withdrawal fees.

Go easy on the selfies

It might be acceptable to send an established client a subtle snap when you first arrive at your exotic new home — a little bit of amiability can’t go amiss.

But sending sun-drenched selfies with every client email is a sure way of ending lucrative relationships.

Remember that the person paying you is probably staring out of a window at torrential rain, so be sensitive and keep communications brief and professional.

There’s an exciting new career waiting beyond the blue horizon — follow these five tips to sail smoothly to your dream career.

Where did you end up on your digital nomad adventure? Share your stories in the comments section.



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