It can be quite a challenge to get hold of a strong employment option. Watching the processes five to ten years in the past will show you that a lot of time was needed to get the attention of employers. However, the world of social media has accelerated things by big margins.

Everything is done on popular platforms like Facebook and Twitter including hiring. Gone are the days when people had to send resumes through courier or email. The process is not so slow anymore and social media channels help in connecting applicants with employers in a quicker manner.

There are several incomparable benefits that social media offers in terms of employment. Let us have a quick look at five of them.

1.   Your resume gets noticed by more related people

Applying against a job advertisement is not the only way of getting recruited. At times, using references pays off as well. Suppose that you have uploaded your resume on Facebook and someone in your list finds it suitable. He would forward it to the concerned employer. In this way, the chances of getting hired will rise. Here, you need to focus on some important aspects.

  • Only resumes that meet the highest professional standards will be considered

At times, candidates do mention all the information needed in the resume but it has major formatting problems. For instance, if there are typos and grammatical issues in the material, you can forget that employers will pay attention to it. They are responsible for dealing with a lot of resumes so only the best ones are filtered.

Here, using a free grammar checker for resume is by far the best alternative. For applicants, the priority in this case is submitting a 100% correct resume without any kind of doubts. It is not possible for them to read through so much detail and then make appropriate corrections. Secondly, these outdated options do not have to be used when a technological solution is present.

A good free grammar checker for resume will reduce the stress of proofreading. All you have to do is put all chunks of content in one place.  After that, upload it using the tool and it would check each area. In terms of time frame, there is no need to sit down for several hours and perform the checking work. A reliable tool would not take more than 2 minutes to get done.

Intelligent applicants who are serious about getting employed by reputed concerns ensure that they use a dependable free grammar checker for resume. It provides them with an assurance that they are not submitting something that has grammatical mistakes.

2.   Getting into one on one conversations with employers

When you are using social media platforms, it becomes much easier to get into direct conversations with employer representatives. A lot of companies have individuals who communicate with them on their behalf. Suppose that you are applying for the position of “software programmer” in a company and have some queries. Exchanging emails is one option you can consider but it is not the quickest one available. Instead, you can comment on the job advert or start a chat conversation. Hence, being active on social media actually helps you a lot.

3.   Expansion of professional circle

These days, getting a job is more about the people you are connected with. If you have a good bunch of professional people in your circle, it would be easier to get employed by top notch companies. Through Facebook and other platforms, you can discuss things with them and gather information about open positions. These professionals would be able to guide you about submitting applications properly and provide information about organizational environment.

4.   Meeting global employers

Global hiring is no more a lengthy process and social media is the most effective way of completing this task. If you want to get recruited by a well-known company that is not located in your city, go through its social media page. You would find all the needed details on it. The next step is submitting an online application. Using online forms is much easier for the applicant as well as employer. It accelerates the overall recruitment process. A lot of employers only count on social media platforms to hire people.

  • Suppose that a company has an open global position for which suitable applicants are being searched. Why would it post advertisements, accept resumes through email, filter them and then conduct interviews? All of these tasks can be done through social media and this is exactly what most companies do today. These use Facebook, Linked In and other channels to complete the entire hiring process. It is quicker and a lot cheaper. The employer or the applicant does have to spend money for using these channels.

5.   No paid accounts on job posting websites

It can be a huge problem for applicants when they have to spend money on setting up job application accounts. A reputed employment website would not allow free employment alternatives. To see what employers are posting and then apply against the opportunities, you would have to go through a registration process for which an account will be created. This is mostly a subscription for which a certain sum of money is paid annually. The same perspective is applied for employers. They have to spend money to get permission for posting advertisements.

  • There is no doubt that social media is a lot more economical. To begin with, no charges are applied to the employer or applicant. The only charges are voluntary ones such as if you want to buy Instagram likes or boost a content post to a wider audience. Similarly, there are no restrictions on the number of jobs you can apply for. In an overall manner, using social media channels is a lot more productive than employment websites.
  • Applicants find it hard to afford employment websites considering the restrictions that they have. Social media is a lot quicker which is why a lot of applicants find it more appropriate. They are able to apply for more open positions in less time.





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