A cover letter not only helps one stand out from other candidates but also provides an opportunity to express whatever interests you have in a company. Although most candidates prefer not to include a cover letter, putting in the extra effort to create cover letters like these can go a long way in helping you secure a position in the company.

The ideal cover letter need not only specify the position are you applying for, but also outline what you are to bring to the table. You however shouldn’t include any demands such as terms of salary and progression in the cover letter. Many decide to seek professional help in writing their cover letter and resume which is great, so long as the company chosen is a reputable one. The harsh truth about cheap resume writers is that they are cheap for a reason. If you want a professional, do your research and don’t be tempted to cut costs.

Outlined below are some of the benefits of writing a cover letter and how it sets you apart from other applicants.

  1. Recruiters Will See Your Effort

Most candidates will not see the need to write a cover letter. That said, putting the extra effort to write one makes your application stand out from the rest. Going the extra mile to personalize the cover letter by including your contact details, or the managers can help too. The initiative and effort are factors the recruiters will take note of, and probably give you a chance.

  1. A Cover Letter Is Personal While Resumes Are Factual

Thanks to the cover letter, you get to tell your professional background in a more personalized way. You can use the cover letter to shed light on some of the details on the resume.  Most people use the cover letter to address issues such as a career change or large gap in their employment status. Be sure to use a professional contact for referencing in the cover letter.

  1. It Demonstrates Your Interest

The extra effort put in drafting the cover letter is proof enough that you are interested in the position. Addressing the cover letter directly to the recruiters also shows that you are willing and ready to put action to your words as soon as you have been hired.  It gives you the opportunity to express your interests in the company, why you are the person they need, and the reason you want to work for them.

  1. It Shows You Have Researched About the Company

Take the opportunity to use specific examples to show the reason why you are interested in the company, why you consider them as an employer and attributes you like about the company. With this approach, the recruiters will be able to identify the uniqueness in your application, which is unlike the mass applications from LinkedIn.  Loyalty is a virtual most employers look for and value. As long as you can show that you did indeed research about the company, chances of getting the job are considerably high.  The effort you put in researching on the company means you aren’t merely hopping from one job to another.

  1. Cover Letters Give Recruiters and Employers an Idea of Who You Are

You can use the cover letter to let the recruiters know of your personality even without seeing you in person. This, of course, depends on your creativity, skill level, and writing style. The letter, however, needs to be to the point and easy to understand. While the letter needs to sound professional and in your own words, you can still borrow the company language in the same as well. Borrowing their language means you did read and understand their requirements well.

These are just but 5 reasons, and benefits of including a cover letter in any job application. As mentioned earlier, the cover letter allows you to elaborate details of your resume and skill set. To the employer, a cover letter gives them an insight of who you are.



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