online videoIf you’ve never experienced giving an online video interview before, you’re probably anxious to know how different it may be from an actual in-person interview. People in general find online interviews easier to tackle than those in person. Perhaps, it’s because there’s less to “notice” and only a certain percentage of your body language is being communicated.

However, being too comfortable with the thought of this type of interview is also a big mistake. There are plenty of ways it could go wrong and communicate more than an in-person interview would. Here are X mistakes you should avoid while giving a video interview and how to avoid them:

  • Not noticing your background: Unlike an on-site interview, online interviews require you to take care of your background. Remember, the context has a lot to say about the main source of attention. In this case, although you will be the center of attention, your room, walls, open closet, dressing table, shelf of books/DVDs, or messy laundry will have a lot to communicate about you than you’d like.

It’s best to keep your backdrop clean and clutter-free by, perhaps, using a wall at the back. If you’d like to add a piece of furniture or a prop (i.e. a vase), make sure it appears nice and complements the background.

  • Not testing technology: Checking your Skype voice call settings two minutes before the interview is going to be big mistake. This is something you should be doing at least two days before the interview.

To be sure, test it out. Check the volume, check your equipment (mic, speakers, etc), and check your internet speed (to make sure the lag is bearable) and everything else that constitutes of an online interview’s settings. Last minute adjustments will reflect poorly on your sense of responsibility, preparation, and interest in the position.

  • Doing too much: Treat your online video interview like an interview! Don’t mistake this for a casual online conversation you are going to have with a friend. Keep your answers completely relevant to the question. For instance, if they are asking about your responsibility as a team-lead of coursework writers UK, list only responsibilities.

Plus, talking to others, moving around,  transferring your computer, tapping on the table, fixing your hair, eating, drinking, or just doing anything other than focusing on your interviewers and answering their question is unacceptable.

However, if you feel the need to place a glass of water to drink during the interview, that’s okay. Just make sure you attend to the glass only once or twice during the interview.

  • Not doing anything: While you don’t want to do too much during an interview, you don’t want to do too less either. Sitting still, not smiling, and showing zero enthusiasm will make you appear boring and non-genuine. In order to show genuine interest in the position and what you interviewers have to say, you are going to have to communicate more than just the words that come out of your mouth.

Smile, blink as you normally would, give face expressions, maintain eye contact (avoid looking at the camera instead of your interviewers!), and don’t sit too stiffly!

  • Dressing Inappropriately: This is the perfect time to dress to impress! As we mentioned earlier, you don’t want to get too comfortable in an online interview. So, wearing unkempt clothes the way you would at home is a big no-no. Just like you would for an in-person interview, you’ll be required to dress appropriately for an online interview and show how “prepared” you were. Overdressing is also a bad idea because you don’t want the interview to appear staged or unnatural. Normal trousers and a semi-formal shirt is the perfect outfit for these sorts of interviews!

Finally, make sure you’re well prepared. A winning interview is, and always has been, all about preparation! Preparation is the key to confidence, and as we all know, confidence is the key to acing and tackling even the most challenging job interview questions!

Good luck!

About writer:online video

Liana Daren works as an outsource recruiter for an overseas company. She’s also consultant who loves to assist people finding their right career path and making the most out of it.



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