Finding the perfect balance between comfort and style can be challenging, especially when you’re wrapping up for the colder months. Here, Rachel Clinkard from shoe retailer Charles Clinkard gives her fashion tips to help you dress for the office this winter.

It’s officially autumn and the winter is on its way, so you’ll probably be switching up your work wardrobe to keep you warm and cosy. But, knowing just what to wear to the office in the winter can be a difficult feat, as you’ll want to be comfortable, but you’ll still want to look professional. Luckily, I’ll be giving you my expert style tips to help you wrap up and look great for work this season.

Layer up your workwear

The key to keeping warm in the winter is to layer up. I’d always recommend starting with the thinnest layer first, adding thicker layers on top. Then, if you get too hot, you can easily remove the thickest piece to help you cool down.

For women, you can earn some serious style points by wearing a turtleneck top underneath a chunky sweater. Pair this with some tailored trousers for a professional look that is still stylish. If you prefer to wear a skirt, you can add some extra warmth with thick wool or fleece-lined tights.

For men why not slip on a cosy cashmere jumper over the top of your shirt? Or, bundle up with a cotton undershirt and turtleneck sweater. Then, you can add an extra layer in the form of your blazer or suit jacket for a modern look that’s straight from the catwalk.

Choose your colour scheme

The winter is usually associated with dark, earthy colours like grey, brown, cream or navy. And, while these colours can look great, why not add a dash of colour to brighten up those dark mornings?

Mustard, and jewel colours like emerald green, ruby red and cobalt blue can really help to add a touch of vibrancy to your winter outfits. If you’re wanting to keep things understated, add one of these bright hues to your outfit through your accessories, like a bold scarf or pair of shoes, and stick to neutral earthy hues for the rest of your clothing.

Be practical with your footwear

In the winter, the rain, snow and ice can make for some pretty challenging surfaces. That means you’ll need to think carefully about your footwear. Not only will you want to opt for warm shoes, but you’ll need a pair with thick sturdy soles, too.

For women, opt for long, below the knee or ankle length boots, or shoes with a block heel. Try to go for a pair with a rubber sole, as these can usually provide more traction and stability on slippery surfaces. Plus, if you choose a pair with a microfibre or fleece lining, you can help to keep your feet warm, even in snowy weather.

For men, you can also opt for boots, like Chelsea boots or brogue boots, as these will help you avoid wet socks when you’re treading through puddles during your morning commute. Again, try to go for rubber soles if you can. Then, if you’re required to wear smart, business shoes for work, just keep a pair at the office and change into them.

Pick your materials carefully

When it comes to staying warm, you’ll want to pick your materials carefully. Fabrics like wool, cashmere, corduroy and flannel are great for keeping the cold out. Plus, you can layer these fabrics over the top of thinner, cotton pieces like undershirts.

For shoes, you’ll want to pick materials that can be cleaned easily when you get in from the wet and muddy weather. Leather is a great choice for winter. Not only can you clean it using just a damp cloth, but it’s durable and warm, too. Just remember to treat them with a rain and stain protector regularly. If your shoes are starting to show signs of wear, you can restore their original shine using a leather shoe cream.

Leather is also a better option for your accessories, like handbags and briefcases. Try to match your bag to your shoes if you can, as this can really help to coordinate your whole office look.

Choose the perfect coat

To really keep you warm through the winter months, you’ll want to invest in a thick coat. An oversized coat is a classic winter trend, and it’s got a smart sophistication that’s perfect for the office. They’re also great for wearing on top of all those layers!

Of course, you’ll also want to think about practicality as well as style, so stay away from fur and fleece — these might look great, but they’re not going to fare well in the wet and windy weather. Instead, opt for a lightweight, waterproof parka or trench coat. A wool duffel or pea coat can look very stylish, and they’ve got a smart look that’s ideal for work.

You could even add a touch of catwalk style into your winter wardrobe with a padded puffer jacket. They are a timeless investment for autumn/winter seasons and they’re great for keeping you warm and dry in the colder months.

Finding the perfect winter office wardrobe is no easy feat. But, by following the tips in this guide, you can feel cosy and look stylish, whatever the weather.



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