Apprenticeship is a real job. Such a position provides a system of training practitioners that will enable them to earn a salary and at the same time get qualifications that are nationally-recognized. Finding a job nowadays may get hard especially for young people who are out of college and they have no experience. Starting your career with Apprenticeship is a great way to have a green light in the field you want to work in. this is because you will get first-hand knowledge about how an industry works as you work with experts. Apprenticeship comes with benefits. Let’s take a look at the benefits of doing an apprenticeship.

  • Earn while you learn. Apprenticeships give you a chance to work towards a qualification. As you learn skills and gain the qualification the qualification that is needed by your employers you can a decent wage. As your skills improve your employer may consider to pay you well and as a result, this gives you an incentive to do well in your apprenticeship.


  • Support. By doing apprenticeship you will get support from both work and college. While you get qualifications in the field you are working in, and putting your skills into practice, there is that someone who will help you whenever you get stuck. If you are unsure of something like techniques or anything related to the industry, you should ask your manager. Getting better in apprenticeship is constituted by asking questions, trying new things and taking on more responsibilities.


  • Get paid during holidays. Apprenticeships offer holiday just like other jobs. While you are in apprenticeship you get treated just like other employees. This means that for every month of work you will be entitled to at least one and a half days’ paid holiday. It means that in a year you are entitled to at least 18 days off. However, this may vary with your employment and training agreement.


  • Build a career. Comparing college and apprenticeship, apprenticeship is a hard work. Gaining experience and getting qualifications gives you an advantage over other applicants when seeking a job. Qualifications open numerous career pathways regardless of the apprenticeship you chose. Apprenticeships do not only prepare you for the world of work but also put you in the right place to build a successful career in the field you chose.


  • Big choice of subjects. There are many apprenticeship courses for you to take part in. At commonplaces, they will offer apprenticeships such as heals care, hairdressing, customer service, and plumbing. Some other places will offer more obscure apprenticeships such as horticulture, sea fishing, and even optical. Depending on where you come from you are bound to take a course that you will be keen to build a career in.


After graduating from university, most graduates think of seeking a job. However, finding a good job may be a real struggle. This makes you feel like the university isn’t worthy in your life. However, you have not to worry, apprenticeships have a perfect solution for you




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