If you’re tired of working in the same old place, doing the same old thing, and it seems that no matter what you do you just can’t get any further ahead, you might actually find that you’re holding yourself back. There are some things that really can stop you from progressing, and once you’ve worked out what they are and dealt with them, you should be able to move forward either in the job you’re working on now.

No Confidence

If you lack confidence, then you will have a big problem when it comes to moving forward in your career. You might spot a job posting, or a chance at promotion, and tell yourself not to bother with it because you’ll never get it anyway. So you don’t go for it. Or you have the chance to prove yourself and make an important decision, but you lack the confidence to do it, and someone else has to step in. Or you want to speak to your boss about a raise, or about having more responsibility, but you can’t bring yourself to do it. Then you wonder why nothing changes. Confidence is key when it comes to moving ahead with your career; if you have self-confidence, your employers are more likely to spot it and be confident themselves that you can do the job.

Too Much Procrastination

A little daydreaming is good for you. It helps to secure your goals and keep everything moving on the right track. Too much, however, is a bad thing for your career. If you always find that there is something better to do than get down and serious with your work, or you constantly tell yourself it’s not the right time to try something else, you won’t get very far. It may never be the right time in your mind, but you need to try anyway. What have you got to lose? If it’s going to be done, now is the time to do it. Be brave and take a chance and you’ll be much more likely to be successful.

Not Taking A Chance

It could be that you’ve seen an advert for a job and you really like the sound of it. Yet it’s based out in the countryside, and the details say that you’ll need a car to get there. You don’t have a car, so you don’t apply, even if otherwise the job was perfect for you. Yet, wouldn’t it be better to apply and see what happens next? If you get called for an interview, ask for a favour from your friends and either borrow a car or ask for a lift. Call a taxi. Just get there and do your best. If you don’t get the job, at least you tried. If you do get the job, invest in a used Ford or similar, because it will be an investment in your future. It’s not taking a chance that won’t get you anywhere.

Not Networking

In some careers, networking is essential if you want to get ahead. You’ll need to go to events, make yourself known, help people out, and build business relationships that can help you in the future. Becoming more engaged with the people you’re doing business with will not only help your career, but it will make you happier too, plus you’ll be a lot more productive in general because you’re more comfortable doing what you’re doing.



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