Remote working has obvious perks, such as zero commute, working in your pyjamas, and enjoying a nap on your lunch break. Yet, you might be unsure if it is the right move for you personally, professionally, or financially.

If you like the idea of telecommuting but want to make a more informed decision before applying for a role, you have arrived at the perfect article. Here are four reasons to consider a remote working job.

1. Working from Home Tax Relief

If you are worried about expensive energy bills when working from home, you don’t need to fret too much about your finances. It might bring you comfort to learn that remote workers are entitled to working from home tax relief. Money Back Helpdesk can provide more in-depth information on the tax relief, such as how much you’re entitled to and how you can claim a rebate. As you will be reimbursed for some of your energy usage, you can work without fear of your job draining your finances.

2. Improved Work-Life Balance

Balancing a career with a personal life isn’t always easy. Long commutes, talkative colleagues, and big projects can keep you in the workplace longer than you’d like. However, when working from home, you will start the working day the minute you switch on your laptop or desktop computer, and it will end once you switch it off.

Guaranteed working from home will transform your work-life balance. As you will not have to worry about a commute to work, you can sleep in later, drive the kids to school, clean your home, call a friend, or watch an episode of your favourite TV show. The minute the working day ends, you can take a short commute to the kitchen to cook dinner or head straight to a loved one’s house for a catch-up. 

3. More Autonomy

Micromanagement is a sad reality for many employees. Yet, working from home will prevent a boss from standing over your shoulder, allowing you to make more decisions on your own. As you will have more freedom to complete tasks, you may gain more confidence in the position, which will likely lead to a higher standard of work and increased productivity. However, you will need much self-discipline and motivation to complete tasks correctly and on schedule.

4. Improved Job Satisfaction

Office cliques, workplace jargon, and loud chatter can all add to your stress levels each day. However, working from home will prevent you from feeling annoyed by employees and help you stay away from toxic gossip. Also, you can work in a quiet space, free of interruptions or disruptions, which will boost your focus and productivity. As a result, you could feel happier in your role and more passionate about climbing the ladder in an organisation.

Remote working has many advantages you would be wise to consider when an opportunity arises. It could transform your working life, job satisfaction, and work-life balance without affecting your finances.



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