There are so many things to consider when looking for a new job. It’s not an easy process, but it’s important to take your time and make the right decision. Being really clear about what you want for your next job is a must and making a list that includes the factors below will ensure you get the job of your dreams.


When people find a job that they really love they can often downplay the commute to work. If you are not used to commuting at the moment or only have a very short commute, then it might be worth trialing what it would be like to get to the job. If you currently walk to work its likely to be a very different experience to having to get a packed tube train to work every day. Not only will you have to deal with more people, but trains can also often be late, and services can be cancelled.

The other thing to think about the cost of commuting. How much will it cost you in petrol or train fairs to get to your new job and will this wipe out any salary increase you were hoping for?

Personal Commitments

Getting married, having children, buying a house, and personal debt can all be personal commitments that influence whether or not you apply for a job. If you are in a position where you think your life may change significantly over the next few months it may not be the best time to be looking for a new position.

If you are about to become a parent or you are dealing with something like a debt recovery process, then keeping some stability in your life may be the best option. Adding the stress of trying to find, apply for a job and start a new job will not do you any favours.


When looking at a new job, a salary can go both ways. You may be willing to take a drop in salary or a more junior position to work for a company you really love. On the other hand, you may be looking to take a step up or move to a company that offers a better salary for a similar position.

In addition to salary, you may want to consider company benefits. For example, if you already are a member of a gym the company may offer a free gym membership or a special corporate price. They may also have a canteen where you can get free food on your lunch. Some will even offer employees experience days once a year or vouchers to spend with their family on days out.

Qualifications and Experience

Depending on the industry or sector that you work in, there may be minimum qualifications or experience requirements for management position and above. It’s important to read the job description thoroughly and to research any qualifications you’re not sure about. You may be able to take some qualifications while you are doing the job. Bringing this up in the interview will show that you have prepared well and that you understand what it takes to succeed in the position.




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