Teaching skills are exactly what you make of them. Far too often teachers overthink what they’re doing in their classroom and the approach they need to be taking. Some crucial teaching skills all teachers need are Mindset, Collaboration, Relevance and Humour. These four skills have the ability to transform your classroom and how much fun you have with your students.

Opening your mindset to trying a new approach or listening to your students more will help with classroom discipline and you bringing new and innovative ideas into your classroom for kids. Collaboration is such an important teaching skill. If you decide to be on educator island in 2019, it’s completely up to you. Get connected and engaged with other educators from around the world and open up your educational world. Relevance is probably the most important teaching skill because we live in a new economy with new jobs and getting our kids ready for those industries is paramount with the work that we do. Humour is a must, hands down. Have fun, laugh and enjoy your job on a daily basis.



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