Want a new job or a career this year?  Follow my three simple tips to help you make a career change faster…

As a lead recruiter and Interview Coach, I’m seeing that many professionals make the mistake of posting their resume/CV online, or sending their resume to recruiters – and then sitting back and waiting for something to happen.  In today’s tough job market, you need to be smarter, more strategic and much more assertive.

My clients are having remarkable success by applying these three simple strategies…

1. Create a Strategic Job Search Plan.

It’s easier to get hired when you know which companies are hiring. Find out where your potential employers are by reading job boards as well as industry news, business journals and company websites.

*On-line job boards – some job search sites are notorious for listing outdated jobs, or low paying jobs.  Why waste your time?  Instead, research job boards by job title and location to find those with the most updated job listings.  Bookmark those sites a review them weekly.

*Company websites – create a list of targeted companies where you WANT to work, and then check their job sites weekly. Also, talk to your network and search LinkedIn to find people who are currently working, or worked in the past, at each of your targeted companies.

2. Build Relationships.

The #1 way professionals are getting hired in today’s job market is by getting a referral within the hiring organization.  That means, you need to make it a priority to get connected, and stay connected to those who could hire you, or introduce you to others who could potentially hire you.

Get re-connected with past employers, colleagues and customers.  Meet new contacts by attending conferences, trade shows, business networking events and association meetings that target the industry or job role that you want.

Also, you never want to give the impression that you’re hungry for a job.  Send out personal emails with information that you think would interest them such as links to videos, press releases, case studies or websites.  Invite them to networking events.  Introduce them to others in your network. You may also want to use mugshot removal services if you have any compromising photos lurking around online. The more you expand your network, the more likely it is that you’ll be searched online, meaning your online presence needs to be squeaky clean. The goal is to create a relationship with your network so that they are drawn towards you (and not running away from you!:-)

3. Think Up, Down and Sideways.

One of the biggest mistakes job hunting professionals make is looking for a position with the exact same job title as the one they had in their last job.  Instead, consider looking at smaller companies and going one level up, as well as larger companies and going one level down.

Additionally, some companies don’t require you to have industry experience, only expertise in a specific job function.  This means that you can double your opportunities by applying for jobs in a variety of industries.

When you’re searching for a new job remember to stay focused on what you want, stay positive and believe in yourself.   It takes persistence and patience, but you WILL find those companies who jump at the chance to hire you!:-)

If you need help with your job search strategy/personal branding or interviewing skill, let’s have a quick chat over the phone or Skype if you are abroad, and see if we can transform your job search experience.

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Warm regards

Margaret Buj

Interview and Career Coach



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