The ability to communicate effectively is essential to succeeding in both your career and personal life. During an interview, these communication skills will be scrutinized rigorously. One of the most important aspects of your interview may not be in the actual information you convey to the interviewer, but how you convey that information.

Non-verbal communication is a huge factor in how your message is received. If you are sure of your abilities to perform well in the position but your eyes wander away from the interviewer, you may be perceived as self-conscious and lacking confidence. Maintaining eye contact during an interview is extremely important as 43.4% of the conversation is spent looking at the speaker’s eyes.

Much like wandering eyes, a restless body can also signal situational discomfort, stress, and anxiety. When in doubt of your posture, take subtle steps to mimic your interviewer. Mimicry is a form of flattery and can signal you are engaged positively.

In any face-to-face discussion, non-verbal communication will certainly play a role in transmitting your message. Use the following 15 tips from GetVoIP to improve your non-verbal communication skills and crush your next interview.

Non-Verbal Communication Tips



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