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#1: Margaret Buj talks to Alan Stein about “Real stories of how layoff decisions are made”

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Margaret Buj | Interview Coach | Career Coach

Real stories of how layoff decisions are made

Alan Stein, CEO of Kadima Careers

After nearly three decades of hiring and growing talent at Google, Facebook, Salesforce, and American Express, Alan founded Kadima Careers in 2020 and is on a mission to accelerate 1 million careers by 2040. His 1:1 coaching, group coaching and online courses empower people to confidently land high-paying jobs at the world’s best companies.

Find out more at www.kadimacareers.com  and sign up for Alan's weekly newsletter full of advice, tips and the latest information to help you accelerate your career: https://kadimacareers.com/xlr8r 

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Just to let you know Qatar Airways have offered me the job and I have accepted. I just want to say I don’t think I could have done it without you, so thank you very much for your help.

Ahmad M.

Account Manager

Just wanted to let you know I got offered the job yesterday! I’m really pleased. Thanks again for your help – our session definitely improved my confidence.


Education Manager (London Curriculum)

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