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People tend to think that success is formulaic, and that the road to it is a straight line. The truth is, people who have found success have changed their majors, careers, and minds several times before landing on their feet. From working as a fry cook at McDonald’s, to selling door-to-door vacuum cleaners, some of the most successful people started at jobs that had nothing to do with their passions. If you find yourself stuck in a place where you aren’t hopeful of the future, looking at the varying career paths of successful people can provide a much-needed boost of motivation for your career journey. 

From Baskin Robbins to President of the United States  

Barack Obama was 16 years old when he got his first job behind the counter at Baskin Robbins ice cream shop. Though it was only an hourly-paid job, it gave him communication skills and dedication. Obama later used these skills to do research at the Business International Group, serve as a community organizer in Chicago, and eventually lead the country as the president of the United States. 

Failing the LSAT to Founding Spanx 

Sara Blakley grew up in Florida, wanting to follow her dad’s footsteps and go into law. However, after failing the LSAT twice, she took a job at Disneyworld. After a short stint at the happiest place on earth, she settled down in a fax machine sales job before finally finding her calling. After founding Spanx, the revolutionary undergarments company, Blakely became one of the youngest self-made female billionaires. Blankley attributes her success from all the failures she faced when she was younger, making her competitive and even more driven. 

Flipping Burgers to Making History 

When Jeff Bezos was a teenager, he worked as a fryer in the back of his local McDonald’s restaurant. This environment taught him how to thrive under pressure, and it also showed him how large, successful corporations operate. He learned these skills at a young age, and by 30, he created the multinational technology company, Amazon. This trillion dollar corporation has completely changed the way consumers purchase products, and is an inspiration to anyone in the business and service industry. 

As you can see from the early lives of some of the most successful people in the world, it’s ok to not be where you want to be at this exact moment, especially during uncertain times like these.  Instead of getting down on yourself, use this time as a stepping stone to whatever you want to be. Whether that is a chef, doctor, or entrepreneur, there is one thing that is constant in the successful people listed above, determination. To see more examples of the unique journeys of affluent people, make sure to check out the infographic below from ResumeNow.

career paths of successful people



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