With social media taking the world by store every single day, it isn’t surprising that it plays a part in your career— and it’s referred to as your social currency. When creating Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn accounts, there are some easy ways to go about creating these profiles to ensure you’re able to leverage a return of investment in your career. 

When building your online persona, it can be translated into a form of currency—social currency. Everytime you post something, you’re establishing a personal brand that could have an impact on your currency. By showing authenticity, trustworthiness, and reliability through each and every post you promote, you’re able to gain followers that have the same passions and interests as you. You’re creating a community of like-minded individuals that want to join strong communities like your own. Using an Indeed scraper to find particular skills and certain experiences in a candidate’s profile will help to speed up the hiring process. 

Oddly enough, leveraging the currency of your social media platform, and those that follow you, could actually have an impact on your future career opportunities. Nowadays, recruiters check your social media accounts to see what you post, who follows you, and how you interact with them. To optimize your social currency and leverage your media accounts to be seen by recruiters, check out Mint’s infographic below! And if you’re looking for organic Instagram followers, buy with Upleap.


How to Leverage Social Currency to Build Your Personal Brand



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