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I got back from Italy several days ago, where I met up with some business people, employees and job seekers.  The interesting thing was that almost all of them had an attitude that as Italy is screwed financially, it meant they should give up on dreams and aspirations! Sad.

That got me thinking – it’s too darn easy to blame the market. Yes, there are fewer jobs. Maybe 50-70 applicants to each instead of 25. But if you don’t stand out, the volume of competition is irrelevant. The ‘inconvenient truth’ as they say, is that economy or not, the good shine through. Every day I see candidates applying for jobs with resumes not tailored to specific vacancies and even if they get to an interview, nothing they do or say, makes them stand out! And they can’t understand why they are still job hunting 6 months down the line…HELLO!!

But you know what, it IS tough out there but you can change the odds beyond your dreams, and it’s easier than you can imagine.

You want head hunter calls and to make sure they put you forward, you need your resume to pass the ten second recruiter test. Then when you meet, you need to be brilliant at articulating the value-add in your personal brand and use essential tools to control the outcome of every interview. It’s all a whole lot easier than you think.

Let me show you. Let’s have a quick chat over the phone or Skype if you are abroad, and see if we can transform your job search and we’ll leave the economy out of it:-)

The call costs nothing click on the link below and let the technology fix a time for us to speak: 

Look forward to chatting.

Warm regards,

Margaret Buj

Interview & Career Coach



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